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JUNK GIRLS by Mark Mason

World Premiere at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe

Live & Livestreamed

Previews on August 5th & 7th, 2021

Main Run on August 14th, August 18th, August 26th and August 28th

at The Zephyr Theatre on Melrose.

January, 2007. Three young women— a Jewish punk-rock connoisseur from Michigan, an African-American combat photojournalist from Brooklyn, and a US Army casualty notification officer from Illinois— become stranded by a snowstorm in small-town Minnesota at the beginning of the bloodiest year of the war in Iraq. JUNK GIRLS is about the horrors of war, the terrible beauty of love and the loneliness of being lost forever in America. It’s a play about how memories mix with longing and make the future a terrible place to die: it’s about life, it’s about death, it’s about listening to The Misfits while making TV dinners, it’s about Nat King Cole songs in dive bars and dying Christmas trees, it’s about the smell of Virginia Slims and erotic photos taken in an Army base, it’s about speeches by President Bush, children without mothers, dancing in airport bars and flag-draped caskets coming home, it’s about hope without meaning and dreams without waking, and about finding hope in the ashes of America, and it’s also a comedy about getting the worst news of your life.